Aquariums and zoos are getting greener and you should too

You would think that aquariums and zoos would naturally be eco-friendly, but that is not always the case. Although they are little slices of the ocean and the world around us, aquariums and zoos need quite a bit of energy and power to operate. Green is all the rage and many of these aquariums and […]

Aquarium artists and the Animal Planet TV show Tanked

Over the years, aquariums have experienced a surge in popularity. They have a big presence in American culture, as evidenced by the Animal Planet TV show Tanked. The show is in its 4th season, the latest episode airing this past April.   The show follows the operations of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the self-proclaimed world’s largest […]

Feeding sea otters in Atlanta

You see it on the coast of the North Pacific Ocean, a giant ball of fur with a sea urchin dangling out of its mouth. You watch as it walks on land for a bit then it hops back into the ocean. It looks like a giant weasel. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful creature and […]

Using Aquariums to Focus on Education

Although aquariums may be exciting things to look at, they can also be powerful tools for educational purposes. In fact, the South Carolina Aquarium strives to not only amaze their visitors, but also teach them something. They are doing this with their new animal care exhibit, a new section of their aquarium that will be […]

Aquaculture in Ghana

All over the world, nations are creating programs aimed at educating farmers on the benefits of aquaculture. This will not only provide a boost to the economy, as it will better prepare farmers for different kinds of jobs, it will also provide access to more food. With the help of Coppens International, a Netherlands-based group, […]

Aquariums calm foster children

Sharks, jellyfish and foster children?   Aquariums are educational and centers of family fun. Aquariums nationwide are making efforts to attract children of all ages and backgrounds, such as the Portland Aquarium, one of the more popular attractions in the Pacific Northwest.   The aquarium is establishing a policy of free admission to all foster […]

Web aquariums are the future

Are web aquariums the future? At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we understand the evolution of the aquarium.   Humanity has damaged the environment. Some of the damage, unfortunately, is irreversible. Whether it is toxic emissions or deforestation, there have been grave errors because of humankind’s ambition. One such error is overfishing.   Overfishing weakens our watery […]

Aquariums and hospitals are great partners

Not all of us have the opportunity to visit an aquarium, let alone the ocean! We may be busy with work, school or family. Health-related issues could be us holding us back. Some aquariums are taking it upon themselves to visit people who wouldn’t normally have the chance to experience the thrills of marine life. […]

Washington Aquarium Sends Fish to Baltimore

Although the Washington National Aquarium is closing down for good, that doesn’t mean the marine life there will be without a home. This fall, the plan is to transport the fish from the Washington National Aquarium to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.   Since 1932, the Washington National Aquarium has been located in the basement […]

Choosing the right aquarium for your home

You have thought long and hard, talked it over with your significant other or family, and have finally decided you will purchase a home aquarium. The thought excites you. From an early age, marine life has fascinated you. You would always fall under the ocean’s spell – the smooth-swimming fishes, their myriad of colors and […]