3 Things to Help Your Mini Crabs

September 18th, 2012 azgardens

First of all, if you don’t have mini algae eating crabs in your tropical tank, get some! They look really cool, offer some entertainment in their mannerisms and help to clean your tank. That’s an all-around crowd pleaser if you ask me!

So, if you have mini crabs or want some, here are some things you’ll want in your tank to help the little guys:

1 – Aquarium Salt – Just like humans need oxygen in the air, mini crabs need salt in their water. Definitely add aquarium salt to any tank with mini crabs if you want them to survive – you wouldn’t take the oxygen out of a room full of puppies, so help the little guys out and promote their homeostasis!

2 – Actinic Bulbs – The light from these bulbs promote healthy shell growth. Of course, a healthy shell means a protected crab, so help your crabs stay protected and provide this light source!

3 – A Proper Community – Some animals thrive while alone. This is not the case with mini crabs. They need some others in their own species to live healthily. Sometimes females will attack others, but in general, they will thrive with other crabs. Also, make sure that you have quickly-moving fish in the tank, as the mini crabs will easily snatch any slower fish.

If you have any questions about the aquarium tools and supplies in this post, please contact us!

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