Aquariums calm foster children

May 22nd, 2013 azgardens

Sharks, jellyfish and foster children?


Aquariums are educational and centers of family fun. Aquariums nationwide are making efforts to attract children of all ages and backgrounds, such as the Portland Aquarium, one of the more popular attractions in the Pacific Northwest.


The aquarium is establishing a policy of free admission to all foster children accompanied by foster parents. The aquarium’s motto is “sea to believe” and officials hope that free admission would lessen the burdens faced by many foster children and have them believe and feel like they belong.


The reason for this? Aquarium owners have fostered 34 children of their own! Recognizing that many of these children come from turbulent places, the aquarium wanted to provide them with a therapeutic setting. Vince Covino, CEO and founder, said, “Aquariums have a calming effect. Sometimes just having a great family outing, or a relaxing field trip as a reward can help families bond better and break up their daily routines with a positive event that is fun for the entire family.” Staring at a jellyfish transports you to a world of wonder where you can dream freely. For foster children, this can create a strong bond with their adopted family.


We always seem to come back to the therapeutic benefits of aquariums. They turn any mindset into a happier one. Large aquariums, like the Portland Aquarium, create the same feelings as smaller home-based aquariums. Therapy, it seems, comes in all shapes and sizes! We all experience feelings of being lost. Sometimes it takes the dependable aquarium to set us straight. Perhaps it’s time for you to build your own breathtaking aquarium. If you have foster children of your own, a home aquarium may connect you all like never before.


If you have any questions about the therapeutic benefits of aquariums, or interested in freshwater aquarium and pond plants, contact Arizona Aquatic Gardens!





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2 Comments on “Aquariums calm foster children”

  1. 1 Kim said at 6:11 pm on May 22nd, 2013:

    That is so good for children in the Foster Care system. Kudos Portland Aquarium!

  2. 2 Custom Made Fish Aquariums | James said at 2:06 pm on May 29th, 2013:

    I think this is a generous and noble act both for the aquarium administrators as well as the foster parents. Truly admirable of them.

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