Aquariums can save your life

December 17th, 2012 azgardens
Aquariums can save your life

At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we know that aquariums can save your life, but do you?  Are you aware of all the health benefits associated with owning an aquarium and observing the activities of the fish?  Recent studies suggest that aquariums can ease our daily grind and make us happier.  In the article “How to Create The Perfect Home Aquarium”, the people over at Zillow write, “In addition to stress reduction, aquariums have been known to calm hyperactive children and reduce adults’ blood pressure, at least temporarily.”  Between the soothing colors of the fish and the way they calmly meander through the clear waters, it’s easy to see why aquariums can reduce stress and unburden us.


Although water can be devastating force, water has – for the most part – exerted a calming influence on man throughout history.  It has inspired artists, guided explorers, provided for farmers, and is the building block of civilization.  Water is tenacious in a variety of ways.  Staring at it, it reminds us of all the things we hope to accomplish – our dreams.  With stress reduced, our minds are able to drift – like fish in an aquarium – and briefly settle on the sandy shores of dreams.  It’s healthy and good to dream.  We should never stop.  Multi-colored fish aren’t the only things drifting in an aquarium; our multi-colored dreams drift alongside them.


The article also points out that aquariums have positively affected people with Alzheimer’s as well as hyperactive children.  At Purdue University, Alzheimer’s patients with aquariums ate more food and the hyperactive children were less hyperactive.  What can’t aquariums do?  It seems that an aquarium is a hospital, a therapist’s couch, and a dream enabler all rolled into one.  Therefore, I must ask the following question: do you own an aquarium?  If not, then why?  An aquarium would make a really nice gift…


-Peter Yunger (


*image courtesy of Petr Kratochvil



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