Choosing the right aquarium for your home

You have thought long and hard, talked it over with your significant other or family, and have finally decided you will purchase a home aquarium. The thought excites you. From an early age, marine life has fascinated you. You would always fall under the ocean’s spell – the smooth-swimming fishes, their myriad of colors and […]

How to live: goldfish, swim bladder disease and gravity

Like all creatures on this planet, the fish in your aquarium may catch diseases. It is disheartening to wake up in the morning and see your fish discolored or, even worse, at the bottom of the tank or floating at the top. What was once a relaxing morning routine – drinking a cup of coffee […]

The Endless Benefits of Owning an Aquarium

Valentine’s Day was earlier this month. For some, the loneliness was unbearable. Many of us are stuck in winter doldrums, with no end in sight. Spring and summer seem far, far away. There is an ocean between you and relaxation. Why isn’t there an aquarium between you and relaxation? The benefits of owning an aquarium […]

Popular Fish for Your New Aquarium

If you plan on buying your first aquarium, or haven’t had one in years, you may be wondering what type of fish to fill it with.   There are certain fish that are perfect for home aquariums.  If you have children, it is a fun and educational adventure for them.  Nothing like going to an aquarium […]

Super Peat Granules for Soft Blackwater

You might wonder how peat granules could possibly help your water quality. But, the “how” of it really doesn’t matter as much as the “what.” So, what can peat granules do for your aquarium? First of all, peat granules can contribute to the vibrant colors of your fish. The compounds within the granules promote brighter, […]

Why Should You Use a Gravel Vacuum?

Aquarium maintenance is definitely not the most fun part of having an aquarium. We like adding new cool fish and plants and just enjoying the way they look. But, everything comes with responsibility, especially when we have living things in our homes. So, to make maintenance both easier and more effective, use a gravel vacuum. […]

3 Great Algae Eaters!

So, you want to find some fish to rid your freshwater aquarium of algae? That’s great! Better to have fish do it than chemicals or the like. But, what fish will get the job done? Here are a few to consider: American Flag Fish – These fish, originating near Florida, can handle slightly alkaline waters. […]