Using Aquariums to Focus on Education

Although aquariums may be exciting things to look at, they can also be powerful tools for educational purposes. In fact, the South Carolina Aquarium strives to not only amaze their visitors, but also teach them something. They are doing this with their new animal care exhibit, a new section of their aquarium that will be […]

Aquariums calm foster children

Sharks, jellyfish and foster children?   Aquariums are educational and centers of family fun. Aquariums nationwide are making efforts to attract children of all ages and backgrounds, such as the Portland Aquarium, one of the more popular attractions in the Pacific Northwest.   The aquarium is establishing a policy of free admission to all foster […]

Web aquariums are the future

Are web aquariums the future? At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we understand the evolution of the aquarium.   Humanity has damaged the environment. Some of the damage, unfortunately, is irreversible. Whether it is toxic emissions or deforestation, there have been grave errors because of humankind’s ambition. One such error is overfishing.   Overfishing weakens our watery […]

Aquariums and hospitals are great partners

Not all of us have the opportunity to visit an aquarium, let alone the ocean! We may be busy with work, school or family. Health-related issues could be us holding us back. Some aquariums are taking it upon themselves to visit people who wouldn’t normally have the chance to experience the thrills of marine life. […]

Love in a Vegas aquarium

We have discussed at length how aquariums are symbols for our dreams. For some, they also represent love. Yes, love. Many people take pride in their aquariums, through either a custom-designed tank or a unique selection of marine animals. Owners often recreate a particular body of water, such as a lake or river, complete with […]

Icefish and bleeding transparent dreams

The dictionary defines aquarium as, “a tank, bowl, or pool in which aquatic animals and plants are kept for pleasure, study, or exhibition.” Oftentimes, pleasure, study and exhibition all come together and something truly special happens – a landmark discovery, something so unique that it makes us question our purpose in life. Such is the […]

Custom-built aquariums are lifelong dreams

In previous posts, I have talked about the connection between aquariums and dreams. It is one of the major benefits of owning an aquarium. Symbolically, aquariums represent our glassy and colorful ambitions. The swirling behind the glass is an apt symbol for the swirling inside our hearts. Having an aquarium in the room is an […]

The Exciting Possibilities of the Blue Planet

Whether you have a small bowl or a large tank for your fish, you have likely never seen an aquarium as big as the Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen. While it is not yet open to the public, the Blue Planet is on track to becoming the largest aquarium throughout all of Northern Europe. From […]

Aquariums Double as Great Education Tools

Although many people see aquariums as nothing more than a tank to display fish and other types of marine life, aquariums can easily become terrific tools for education. The Great Lakes Aquarium in Minnesota has already figured this out. For years, this popular aquarium has sent teachers and educators throughout the community to share their […]