Our dreams swim in aquariums: fish as therapists?

There are numerous health benefits to owning an aquarium, some of which I have discussed in previous blog entries.  Fish and aquariums may also free up our subconscious.   In “Aquarium” by famous poetess Amy Lowell, she writes, “Streaks of green and yellow iridescence, / Silver shiftings, / Rings veering out of rings, / Silver […]

The year of aquarium?

Will 2013 be the year of aquariums?  If Camden, NJ is any indication than the answer’s a resounding yes.   Adventure Aquarium, located in Camden, is having a New Year’s Eve party at their aquarium.  Adventure Aquarium’s New Year’s Eve Splash is a family-friendly event where parents can ring in the New Year with their […]

Aquariums can save your life

Aquariums can save your life

At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we know that aquariums can save your life, but do you?  Are you aware of all the health benefits associated with owning an aquarium and observing the activities of the fish?  Recent studies suggest that aquariums can ease our daily grind and make us happier.  In the article “How to Create […]