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May 11th, 2013 azgardens

You have thought long and hard, talked it over with your significant other or family, and have finally decided you will purchase a home aquarium. The thought excites you. From an early age, marine life has fascinated you. You would always fall under the ocean’s spell – the smooth-swimming fishes, their myriad of colors and the water’s lull is a recipe for hypnotism. Back in college, you contemplated becoming a marine biologist, but sudden responsibility got in the way. Now is the time for your dreams to shine. This aquarium has been a long time coming.

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What kind of tank should you get? What kind of fish will you put in it? You know people who have fishbowls, but those have always seemed cruel to you. How can any fish comfortably live in what amounts to a cubicle filled with water? Your friends don’t seem to take the greatest care of the fish or the bowl; the water always looks dirty.


Dirtiness and lack of room to swim is cruel. Your future fish deserve better. Consider tanks that are around 20-gallons. That way, your fish have plenty of room to swim. Make sure to get a filter for your tank, as the more powerful the filter the cleaner the water. This means less maintenance for you. You will be able to enjoy your tank and fish more!


You have purchased a 20-gallon tank and are sweating anticipation. In your head, you see rainbows of fish. Soon, your tank will be full of them. As you pull into the pet store’s parking lot, a voice in your head shouts, “Wait!”


Although purchasing a home aquarium is very exciting, it is wise to take a step back and set up the aquarium first. Let it sit for a week or two before putting any fish in it. Not all fish are the same when it comes to water. Some prefer different temperatures; others need more acidic water. By not throwing fish in there immediately, you allow yourself time to get used to managing the water, including checking pH levels and cleanliness, all while doing some research on the types of fish you want.


At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we understand that it is exciting (and for some, a dream come true) when you purchase your first home aquarium, but it is wise not to rush the process. Take your time and do the research. If you have questions, please contact us.






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