Custom-built aquariums are lifelong dreams

March 26th, 2013 azgardens

In previous posts, I have talked about the connection between aquariums and dreams. It is one of the major benefits of owning an aquarium. Symbolically, aquariums represent our glassy and colorful ambitions. The swirling behind the glass is an apt symbol for the swirling inside our hearts. Having an aquarium in the room is an automatic relaxer, allowing us to mull over our lives. However, there are those who want their own personal “sea kingdoms.” It is their dream. One such person is Mike Wathen.


His lifelong dream was to own a massive aquarium. He has recently fulfilled this dream, and his aquarium is certainly “massive.” It is a custom-built 16 ½ foot long, 12’1” wide and 6’6” acrylic tank. The talented people over at globe-trekking Marine Design built it. Sounds like a sea kingdom.


In the article, “Massive aquarium fulfills man’s lifelong dream,” Denny Simmons of the Evansville Courier writes, “Wathen planned out every part of his tank, starting with the 24 yards of concrete in the stand that holds the tank.” Wathen’s design is rather ingenious. It is also set up to drain into another pond in the yard. Everything is reusable. He has overseen its construction every step of the way.


Ever since he was a little boy, he wanted a giant aquarium. It was his dream. His example is a good one to follow. He had a dream and followed through with it. Not many can say the same. Now he has his own sea kingdom or, in his own words, “I want to emulate water bodies as accurately as possible. As we look at it right now, it’s a slice of Kentucky Lake. I can make it a slice of whatever I want it to be.”


Makes you want to do the same, doesn’t it? What is your favorite body of water? You too can have a slice of it! Arizona Aquatic Gardens is here to jumpstart you and your watery dreams!


For more information on Wathen and his massive tank, you can find Denny’s article here.


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