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February 18th, 2013 azgardens

What do you know about sharks?  I mean, what do you really know?  If your answer is influenced by the movie Jaws, you do not know much.  Sharks are beautiful creatures.  They are also misunderstood.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is hoping to remedy this with its presentation of Shark Days.


In the article “Demystifying Jaws: Monterey Bay Aquarium presents Shark Days,” the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports, “The aquarium is hosting “Shark Days” on Feb. 23 and 24 to give visitors a closer look at these mysterious and misunderstood ocean beasts.”


Children and their parents will be able to talk with aquarium divers, do crafts, and meet sharks up close and personal.  There will also be speakers, including John O’Sullivan, the aquarium’s curator of field research.


There are many myths about sharks, many of them a result of Hollywood fear and lack of knowledge.  The aquarium believes that the activities and presentations will show people a different side of sharks, dispelling some of those unfair myths.


The aquarium also wants to bring attention to the threats facing sharks around the world.  Many sharks are endangered. The great white shark is vulnerable.  There are not many left in the world!  Man, it seems, is the true predator.  Below is a video, courtesy of Discovery and John O’Sullivan, that touches on the great white shark.



For more information on the event, you can find the Sentinel’s article here.


Being interested in aquaculture does not simply begin and end with having an aquarium in your home.  An aquarium is merely the gateway, opening up a wondrous world for you to discover and explore.  Arizona Aquatic Gardens is honored to get you started.  The ocean and its creatures can always use a helping hand.


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