Gertrude the sea turtle

February 11th, 2013 azgardens

Did you know that aquariums are also convalescent homes?  SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium will be one for Gertrude.  I am not talking about Hamlet’s mother.  Gertrude is a beautiful green sea turtle!


SEA LIFE spokesperson Elizabeth Schell says, “She was found with fishing line around her front two flippers and one ended up breaking and so they actually had to amputate that one, but the other one has healed.” Below is a video of Gertrude, courtesy of SEA LIFE Kansas City:


It is a sad sight, seeing a sea turtle sans one flipper.  Most species of sea turtle are endangered!  Of the seven species, each is either endangered or critically endangered.  Gertrude’s story is certainly a tragedy, albeit one with a happy conclusion.  The good news is that she is healthy and will make SEA LIFE Kansas City her permanent home.  She cannot go back into the wild, as she is now at a great disadvantage when it comes to predators.  Gertrude will be unable to swim fast if threatened by predators.  At SEA LIFE, she will be able to live and swim in peace.


In Gertrude’s case, the aquarium is offering her protection.  SEA LIFE centers are a chain of sea life attractions and are located all over the world.  They pride themselves in education and conservation, two things the world always needs.


When purchasing a home aquarium, consider it an act of conservation.  In a way, it is.


For more information on Gertrude, please look here.


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