Happy free aquarium admission day

January 21st, 2013 azgardens

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Schoolchildren have off and many parents do as well.  If you are wondering what to do for the day, consider taking your child or children to an aquarium.  All across the nation – many zoos, science museums, and aquariums have free admission.  You might as well use the opportunity and show your children the amazing world of aquariums.  The vivid colors and variety of the fish and water creatures will hypnotize your son or daughter and instill an appreciation for conservation in their tender and moldable hearts.


Arizona Aquatic Gardens - happy free aquarium admission dayYou will smile as your child runs from glass to glass, engaged in a battle of eyes with the fish.  “Mom, Dad – the blue one is looking at me!” he or she screams.  Let your children lead the way and simply go along for the enthusiastic ride, as they observe firsthand all the wonderful worlds behind the glass.  Aquariums naturally appeal to a child’s active imagination and each fish will have a permanent place in his or her mind and heart.  It is a fun learning experience, to say the least.


Additionally, the President will make his inaugural speech today.  It is certainly a busy day.  The dictionary defines inauguration as “the act of starting a new operation or practice.” Make today aquarium inauguration day and help start a relationship between your children, fish, and conservation that will last a lifetime.  That is a policy sure to benefit your children in a positive way!


*Image courtesy of Vera Kratochvil

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