New Year, new you, new aquarium

January 7th, 2013 azgardens

After New Year’s Eve, many Americans are determined to rebuild themselves.  “New Year, new you” is a popular phrase.  Although many of us fail in these resolutions, our efforts are always admirable.  One way to accomplish “New Year, new you” is to divert your energy into something else that’s new.  Have you ever considered starting a new aquarium?  Allow your aquarium to be a part of you, an extension of your heart, ambition, and hopes.


Many have realized the health benefits of aquariums, but not many are aware of the artistic and creative possibilities of aquariums.  Customizing your aquarium is a rewarding experience, personally and artistically.  Let your personality shine through it.  You are responsible for literally every facet of the aquarium, from the type of glass to the plants.  You don’t even have to use the classic aquarium design.  Think outside the box.  Better yet, think outside the bowl!  Others are.


There are people who design unique and bizarre aquariums.  There are planters and fish tanks joined together.  Some have combined sinks and aquariums.  Imagine washing your hands and staring at a school of fish.  There are even coffee table aquariums.  For the Lyon Light Festival in France, Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino transformed a telephone booth into a working aquarium.  Honestly, the possibilities are truly endless.  Check out some of them here.  When customizing your aquarium, please make sure that your fish are safe.  You can still be creative, but don’t be cruel.


Aquariums are works of art.  Starting a new aquarium is hard work, but isn’t any work of art?  At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we’re more than happy to help you in customizing your aquarium.  People need to have creative outlets.  If not, that energy just builds up and can cause unnecessary stress and sadness.  Utilize that “New Year, new you” energy and direct it toward building a new aquarium.  I guarantee a rewarding experience and a resolution that you won’t break.



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