Popular Fish for Your New Aquarium

February 1st, 2013 azgardens

If you plan on buying your first aquarium, or haven’t had one in years, you may be wondering what type of fish to fill it with.   There are certain fish that are perfect for home aquariums.  If you have children, it is a fun and educational adventure for them.  Nothing like going to an aquarium and pond supply store and watching the smile on your child’s face as he or she gazes at the tanks trying to decide what fish to get.  It is a big decision and can be quite the journey, à la The Hobbit.  However, there are great starter fish out there.


One type of fish that is common in aquariums is the catfish.  There are several interesting families of catfish, with corydoras catfish usually the first choice for pet owners.  These fish are peaceful, look great, and get along well with other species.   You really can’t beat it.  If only people were like that!


Another fun animal that people enjoy showing off in their aquariums is the pufferfish.  Keep in mind, while this unique looking creature can survive in fresh water, they sometimes prefer brackish water or even saltwater when they get older, so please monitor the water situation.  Children love pufferfish and will be unable to keep their eyes off of them.  You will have to pry them away from the tank!


Arizona Aquatic Gardens - popular fish for your new aquariumFor beginners, another great choice is the rainbowfish.  These fish change colors depending on their mood and are endlessly fun to watch.  They are playful and generally get along well with other fish.  Their colors are sure to delight anyone who visits you.  Be careful though, or you will lose yourself in thought when looking at them.


These are just a few suggestions if you are trying to populate your new aquarium.  Make sure you do more research about any fish before you buy one.  You will want to make sure you have fish that get along with each other, in addition to having the right supplies and food to take care of them.  Like getting any other pet – a cat, dog, etc. – you should always take your time and not rush into anything.  Besides, it is a good bonding experience between you and your child.


*Image courtesy of Eileen Kortright and Wikipedia Commons


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