September Fish at Arizona Aquatic

October 3rd, 2012 azgardens

October is here, but be sure to check out the September New Critters while they’re still new. Here’s some information on each fish that we brought in last month:

Sailfin Mollies – These easy to care for fish come in a variety of colors and can stay in the same tank as the ever-popular fancy guppies. The sailfin molly, specifically, has a beautiful large fin that looks a lot like a marlin, making for a great addition to your aquarium.

Marble Veil Angelfish – If you are an angelfish enthusiast, you’ll want to take a look at this beauty. Featuring black, white and yellow in its marble pattern, it adds some really interesting color to your tank.

Blue & Gold Gouramis – Both of these fish have beautiful colors. Adding both to a tank makes for a splash of fluorescence and light in two unique colors.

4-Barred Tiger Fish – You’ll notice that this beautiful fish is exceedingly low-priced, especially considering that it’s on sale. In many places, these special fish can go for 100s of dollars, so take advantage of our pricing to add this gem to your tank!

x-Ray Tetras – These unique fish live best in groups of 6 or more. Fairly adaptable, they eat small insects, planktonic animals and prepared foods.

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