Super Peat Granules for Soft Blackwater

October 16th, 2012 azgardens

You might wonder how peat granules could possibly help your water quality. But, the “how” of it really doesn’t matter as much as the “what.” So, what can peat granules do for your aquarium?

First of all, peat granules can contribute to the vibrant colors of your fish. The compounds within the granules promote brighter, higher contrast colors in fish, creating a much better show in any aquarium (so long as it is an acidic, freshwater aquarium).

Secondly, you will have better breeding success. Whether this is due to the effect of the peat on the parents themselves or on the eggs really doesn’t matter, because it works. Successfully breeding fish can be very rewarding for you, so give your fish a boost with peat granules!

Lastly, your fish will have better living conditions. Granted, you might expect this with a compound that promotes better looks and breeding, but it still matters. Everyone wants their fish to thrive and live the longest lives possible. So, give your freshwater aquarium fish the environment that they want and need with peat granules!

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