The Exciting Possibilities of the Blue Planet

March 23rd, 2013 azgardens

Whether you have a small bowl or a large tank for your fish, you have likely never seen an aquarium as big as the Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen. While it is not yet open to the public, the Blue Planet is on track to becoming the largest aquarium throughout all of Northern Europe. From top to bottom, the Blue Planet is ambitious.


With just a few glances at the concept and exterior design of the aquarium, you can instantly tell that the designers wanted a fluid and modern feel. In fact, there is a lot of thought that went behind every design decision of the building. For example, the main lobby of the building is encased in a glass roof, meant to represent the surface of the sea. When light from the sun shines through the roof, it gives the effect of light reflecting off the ocean floor.


Once completed, the aquarium will have countless things to see and do. Right from the beginning, people will have the option of moving off into one of three different directions. These sections of the aquarium represent the categories of lakes, oceans and rivers. However, if you venture off into one area of the Blue Planet, you can easily find a hallway connecting you back to the center of the building, a place known as the Round Room.


The Blue Planet is sure to be an adventure for parent and child alike, taking them on an adventure through every imaginable body of water. Lakes, oceans and rivers…oh my! Blue Planet does not even seem like an aquarium or a “building” for that matter. It is far too organic and free-flowing. It is a miracle of architecture, inspired by nature. It is as if the entire structure is made of water! Makes our home aquariums seem a little lackluster, doesn’t it?


Currently, the plan is to have over 20,000 animals in the building, covering a diverse list of over 450 species. More will be added as time goes on, but guests should be able to spend days exploring the aquarium from the very beginning. For more information about the Blue Planet and aquariums in general, contact the experts at Arizona Aquatic Gardens today!


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