The Florida Aquarium and other aquariums to honor mothers

May 4th, 2013 azgardens

At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we love our mothers and know you do too! That is why you should do something extra-special this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day is May 12th


Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 12, and many aquariums across the country will be having specials hoping to attract mothers of all ages. One such aquarium is The Florida Aquarium, one of the top 10 Aquariums in the country by, located in Tampa Bay. Moms will be able to enjoy free admission on May 11-12 with the purchase of a full paid admission. If you are in the Tampa area, this will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your mother over the magical world of marine life.


There is plenty to see at The Florida Aquarium, including the Wetlands Trail, where you can take a trip through swamps, and the Coral Reef, where you can view a simulation of a 60-foot drive as each viewing window presents a changing habitat as depth increases. It is both entertaining and educational. The Coral Reef, in particular, symbolizes the depth of a mother’s love. Say this to your mother while she goes from window to window. She is guaranteed to smile.

Dolphin emerging out of water


After checking out the many exhibits, hop on the Wild Dolphin Cruise and experience Tampa Bay’s exquisite dolphins. It is a 90-minute tour, so be sure to bring some binoculars to get an up close and personal look. Dolphins are notoriously good mothers, as data shows that new dolphin mothers get little to no sleep during their calf’s first two months, guarding over the little one like a vigilant bodyguard. Is there a better way to honor your mother than having her experience these beautiful and nurturing creatures in their natural habitat?


Even if you are not in the Tampa area, other aquariums are having similar Mother’s Day deals, so check your local aquarium. The next post will deal with giving your mother a home aquarium for Mother’s Day!




*First image courtesy of Vera Kratochvil


*Second image courtesy of Anna Langova

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