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April 20th, 2013 azgardens

As aquariums across the world get more ambitious and the industry more competitive, each aquarium does their best to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Oftentimes this involves offering something completely new and innovative to customers. Many aquariums are challenging traditional perceptions of what an aquarium is. Nowadays, visiting an aquarium is more than simply walking from room to room staring at the creatures behind the glass. Visiting The National Aquarium in Baltimore, for example, will soon be an immersive journey into conservation.


A Chesapeake Bay sunsetIn the article, “National Aquarium explores Inner Harbor kayak program,” Kevin Litten of the Baltimore Business Journal writes, “The National Aquarium in Baltimore is exploring plans to start a kayak program that will allow visitors to tour the Inner Harbor and learn about conservation efforts in the Chesapeake Bay up close.” Imagine visiting an aquarium and after seeing all the marine life, you hop into a kayak and explore a nearby body of water! It is really the natural extension of educating the public on marine life. First, they see marine life. Second, they learn about the marine life. Third, they experience the marine life.


This week, aquarium officials pursued approval for a floating dock! Presently, they have two research vessels. A floating dock will not only expand their space in the Inner Harbor, they would also be able to dock the research vessels there. With the increased storage, the aquarium would be able to store kayaks. Their expansion plans include guided tours and an increased focus on promoting conservation. The city enthusiastically approved the plan, which is good news for the aquarium, conservationists, patrons and, of course, the city itself. Next time you visit the aquarium, you may be able to go on a guided tour of the Chesapeake!


It is certainly an exciting time to be an aquarium enthusiast, as most aquariums are enhancing the customer experience, all while promoting aquaculture education and conservation. What kind of innovations will we see in the coming years? It makes you think – what kind of innovations can you make concerning your home aquarium? Can you somehow enhance the experience of owning an aquarium for you and your family? At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we will help you innovate that home aquarium!


For more information on The National Aquarium in Baltimore, you can find Litten’s article here.


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