The New York Aquarium Still Stands Despite Sandy

March 28th, 2013 azgardens

What is it with aquariums? They represent man’s dreams on both a small and grand scale, be it a custom-built aquarium in  someone’s home or the ambitions of an architect trying to design the world’s largest aquarium. Aquariums also represent man’s tragedy-defying perseverance.


When super storm Sandy struck last year, a large portion of the East Coast was left without power. One of the biggest tragedies that affected New York was the temporary loss of the famous New York Aquarium. Located on Coney Island, the aquarium was right in the middle of the dangerous storm. The power was lost, and many of the tanks were filled with contaminated seawater.


The fate of the New York Aquarium had been up in the air for months, leaving many worried. However, the good news is that officials have recently announced that the aquarium will be up and running again soon. Sometime this spring, visitors will once again be able to walk the halls of the famous building, getting the chance to reconnect with fellow New Yorkers – walruses, dolphins, jellyfish and more! The aquarium has rebounded so well that they are already planning new exhibits. The city’s fiery perseverance is channeled through the aquarium, and is an inspiration to us all.


The rebuilding effort has been difficult, but everyone involved knows it is worth it. This aquarium has been a fixture of the city since 1896, and is integral to the city’s heart and soul. While it hasn’t always been in the same location, the sights and sounds at the New York Aquarium have always been a top destination for tourists and city residents alike.


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