Things to Consider About Plant Pests

September 24th, 2012 azgardens

Bugs are literally everywhere and they can destroy your plants. Plant disease is one thing, but dealing with insects is another, and they can be a real pain. So, if you have a banana plant or any terrarium plants, consider this advice in your fight against the bugs:

Healthy Plants = Better Defense – Plants have their own defense against bugs. While most plants don’t have the advantages of a Venus flytrap, they do have barriers in their composition, but an unhealthy plant can’t develop these defenses. So, make sure that your plants get as many nutrients as possible and build up the best immunity possible!

The Sooner the Better – Act quickly if you see an insect problem in your plants! The longer you wait, the more damage they can do. Of course, the best defense is to have strong plants, but this is not always in your control. So, act quickly to get rid of pests once you spot them.

If You Eat the Plant, You Eat the Pesticide – Stick to natural pesticide options because whatever you put on or around your plants could end up in your body. Actually, this can be the case whether or not you eat the plant’s fruit, because you will typically spend time around your plants. Keep away from harmful chemicals and stick with natural solutions made of oils, alcohol, etc. This will keep you safe and, if you have pond plants, your aquatic life won’t suffer either!

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