Using Aquariums to Focus on Education

May 29th, 2013 azgardens

Although aquariums may be exciting things to look at, they can also be powerful tools for educational purposes. In fact, the South Carolina Aquarium strives to not only amaze their visitors, but also teach them something. They are doing this with their new animal care exhibit, a new section of their aquarium that will be opening next month. Unlike traditional aquarium exhibits, this one actually gives onlookers a closer look at veterinary operating rooms.


This animal care exhibit mixes several forms of media in order to educate visitors. There will be videos, interactive displays, and of course, live exhibits. In addition to fish, the aquarium also plans to have mammals, birds, and other types of animals. This will allow the staff to show the various methods of caring for the diverse species found throughout the animal kingdom.


Whit McMillan is the director of education for the South Carolina Aquarium, a nonprofit organization. McMillan wants to emphasize the importance of proper animal care to the aquarium’s guests. In order to do this, he has made sure the exhibit has a large circular observation area, allowing viewers to see a veterinary operating room from all angles. This room will include various pieces of operating equipment, and viewers will be able to learn additional details through interactive monitoring screens.


This upcoming exhibit by the South Carolina Aquarium is just one effort being made to teach the public about animal care and veterinary procedures. Aquariums are a great learning tool for vets in training and anyone else interested in the health and safety of animals. At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we love animals and know you do too!





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