Web aquariums are the future

May 18th, 2013 azgardens

Are web aquariums the future? At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we understand the evolution of the aquarium.


Humanity has damaged the environment. Some of the damage, unfortunately, is irreversible. Whether it is toxic emissions or deforestation, there have been grave errors because of humankind’s ambition. One such error is overfishing.


Overfishing weakens our watery ecosystems by unbalancing predator and prey ratios, meaning we fish all the predators allowing the prey to swim free and procreate. It doesn’t take much to throw off an ecosystem, as everything is interlinked. Thankfully, overfishing is something we can repair and is the subject of 28-year-old Sam Solver’s interactive project, The Nature of Overfishing. With it, Solver aims to educate the public on the issue. Education is the first step toward a solution.


In the article, “Learn About Overfishing With This Interactive Web Aquarium,” Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai of Mashable writes, “On the interactive website, made with ProcessingJS and custom Javascript, a visitor can scroll through the past 100 years of fishing history. As years go by, the animated representations of big predatory fish and small prey fish either vanish or multiply.” Solver has created a web-aquarium that shows humankind’s penchant for destruction; his project is both an aquarium and a time machine, all while being visually innovative. That is the beauty of an aquarium of any kind. It is an educational tool that captures the eye and shakes the soul, reminding us of our “interactive” role in nature.


What do you think? Perhaps more web aquariums will pop up, illuminating the public on other issues concerning oceanic ecosystems. That would be a good thing! We can all pitch in and help!




Source: http://mashable.com/2013/05/17/overfishing-web-acquarium/



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