What is aquarium science?

April 25th, 2013 azgardens

As a college student, there are so many majors to choose from that making a choice can seem quite daunting. You can add something else to that list. A new major is starting to creep into colleges across the country. The major is aquarium science and only two colleges in the United States offer it as a program: Oregon Coast Community College and Davidson County Community College in North Carolina.


In the article, “DCCC to become 2nd school in country to offer aquarium science program,” Ryan Sullivan of myfox8.com writes, “The aquarium science program, which will allow students to earn an associate degree in applied science, is designed to help students become entry-level aquarists working with marine and aquatic life found at public aquaria, zoological parks and research facilities throughout the world.”


DCCC faculty and student body are very excited about this new development. Not only is it a new major, which is always exciting, the program puts the school on the collegiate map. Aquarium-loving students from all corners of the country will flock to Thomasville to study aquarium science. The school will also collaborate with area aquariums. Not only will students learn in classrooms, they will gain valuable experience by working with professionals and marine life.


If you or someone you know is as passionate about aquariums, consider DCCC’s aquarium science program. Before long, aquarium science programs will be more numerous. Beat the rush and consider applying now!


If you have any questions about aquarium science or aquariums in general, contact Arizona Aquatic Gardens.


If interested in DCCC’s newest program, you can find Sullivan’s article here.



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